Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What to Wear (not!)

My daughter and I have a standing "date" on Friday nights -- around 9 we crawl into my bed, her with juice, me with fermented juice, and watch "What not to Wear" I am sure I will win no Mommy awards for sharing this "knowledge" with my seven year old - but we have a great time talking and laughing about the before and after pictures. One night the before shots showed the girl in a turtleneck and blazer -- I love turtlenecks and have been known to wear them with a blazer. Anna says, "hey she looks like you" and I laughed until Stacey says, "That is 10 years out of date!" We laughed -- then I sulked. Really? I can't wear turtlenecks anymore?? (Ok I know not now but I live in Michigan so it can turn cold any day now). 

But it leaves me asking...just what is a 45 year old, mom of three, working mom suppose to wear? I don't want to dress like my kids or their friends (God forbid) but I am so not ready to turn to elastic waist polyester pants and applique sweaters (no offense sisters). Any ideas? Where should I shop? I think if I had the money I would launch a line for women like me -- I know there is a need because I have this convo a lot with my friends. I need something that fits my body as it is today (read: no low-rise, low cut, tight fitting) but is still stylish. Kohls is trying with the Dana Buchanan line but I am afraid they miss the mark -- just how much zebra print can one woman own?

I look forward to your help!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aerial View

Lucas and Stan at Lucas'  8th grade graduation
As I was driving the endless 1-69 out of Indy today my mind was wandering -- as usual-- and as I crested a hill and could see so much more around me than the typical flatlands I had been driving, I thought: this is what it is to be a parent. We are not to see our kids eye to eye (which is good cuz my oldest is a good four inches taller than me)but rather to lift ourselves above them so we can see the horizon that lies before them. When we remember to not stoop to be their friend, their pal, their "equal" we are in a better position to guide them. I think that is kind of the way God sees us too. He can see so much more around us, behind us, ahead of us because he is over us. Now, to be clear I am in no way putting parents on the same level as God (we may be hills in Indiana - he is Mt Everest!) I am just saying we need to be the lookout for our kids. This notion of parent versus friend was a whole lot easier when they came up to my knee caps... it is trickier when they start looking and acting like people I would like to hang out with. Yet it is probably now that they need a lookout more than ever! My oldest son starts high school this fall -- might be why these kind of thoughts run through my mind.

Just a random thought along I-69 tonight.

Blogging Day 1

Here I am in Indiana learning all the ins and outs of blogging. Yikes! It is a whole new world..but...I think this thing will be a lot of fun. All those crazy random thoughts I have will now have an outlet..we will have to see if they have an audience! Stick with me. My viewpoints are sprinkled with an equal amount of sarcasm, humor and life experience.I call it like I see it-- but life has taught me to not always call it out loud.